Price County Jail

The staff at the Price County Jail is dedicated to providing fair and consistent treatment of all inmates in our custody. We strongly encourage inmates to utilize all available resources during their incarceration, and recognize the important role family and community play in the rehabilitation process.

The following information will hopefully answer any questions you may have.
  1. Bail/Bond

    Information about paying bail/bonds. Additional Info...
  2. Books & Magazines

    Information about reading material inmates may possess. Additional Info...
  3. Commissary/Canteen

    Information about how commissary/canteen works. Additional Info...
  4. Health Services

    Information about medical services provided to inmates. Additional Info...
  5. Indigent Items

    Information about items provided to inmates Additional Info...
  1. Inmate Funds

    Information about an inmate's money. Additional Info...
  2. Inmate Programming

    Information about programs available to inmates. Additional Info...
  3. Inmate Telephone System

    Information about the inmate telephone system and how inmates can place telephone calls. Additional Info...
  4. Jail Ministries

    Information about Jail religious programming. Additional Info...
  1. Mail

    Information about incoming
    and outgoing inmate mail. Additional Info...
  2. Visitation

    Information about visitation. Additional Info...
  3. Messages

    Information about getting a message to an inmate. Additional Info...
  4. Property

    Information about an inmate's personal property and what happens to it while the inmate is incarcerated. Additional Info...
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The front of the Sheriff Department building which is shaded by a large tree

Contact Us

  1. Brian S Schmidt


    Gabriel D Lind

    Jail Lieutenant


    164 Cherry Street
    P.O. Box B
    Phillips, WI  54555

    Ph: 715-339-4116

    Fx: 715-339-3015

    Confidential Tip Line
    Ph: 855-TIPS-247 or 


    24 Hours a Day
    7 Days a Week

    Staff Directory

Pay an Outstanding Account by Credit Card

Pay Now Opens in new window

When redirected, choose Inmate Receivables from the drop down list under Payment Type. Please enter the CID Number found on your Statement in the Account Number field to ensure your account is credited properly.

There is a convenience fee of 2.50% with a $2.00 minimum per transaction.