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Driveway Access to County Highway Permit Request

  1. Please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox when submitting a permit request.
    Please allow three business days processing time for all applicaitons.
    PLEASE NOTE THAT A $50 FEE NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED FOR ALL NEW DRIVEWAYS (this fee is NOT required for driveway replacements). Please submit to: Price County Highway Department; PO Box 169; Phillips, WI 54555. Allow FOUR BUSINESS DAYS for processing your request.
  3. Name of closest crossroad
  4. NOTE: Driveway location must be marked in field so that it can be inspected. To eliminate delays, please mark the location before you submit your permit request.
  5. Legal Description of Property Served
  6. NW, NW 1/4, etc.
  7. Feet
  8. Is Driveway New or Replacement?
  9. Is Driveway Permanent or Temporary?*
  10. Is the driveway close to a hill, valley or horizontal curve that restricts sight distance:
  11. If yes, please refer to the chart below. A driveway must meet the minimum stopping sight distance shown in the chart or it will not be approved.
  12. Design Speed (MPH)
  13. Stopping Sight Distance**
  14. **For the speed shown, there must be unimpeded vision from the driveway for the distance shown. This is for both horizontal curves and hills or valleys. The distances shown are minimums and larger distances are preferred.
  15. Attach a map or sketch showing the location of your driveway.
  16. Price County Highway Department, PO Box 169, Phillips WI 54555
  17. Phone: 715-339-3081 Fax 715-339-2381
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