Guardianship & Protective Placement

Adult Protective Services staff will consult about and accept referrals regarding adults who need a legal decision maker due to alleged incompetency.

A protective placement may be completed for persons that are at risk without 24-hour care and in need of "residential care and custody".

Guardianship: The standards for appointment of a guardian based on a finding of incompetency are found in Section 54.10 (3) (a) of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Protective Placement: The standards for Protective Placement are found in Wisconsin Statute 55.08.

Individuals are eligible for this service when their assets are at the Medicaid eligibility level or sometimes in the case of imminent risk to the person.

Private attorneys can also provide legal services to petition for guardianship and protective placement.

To discuss a situation or ask for assistance, contact the Adult Intake worker at the Price County Branch of the Aging & Disability Resource Center of the North at 715-339-2158.

In order to avoid the need for Guardianship, we recommend that all persons complete advance directives with an attorney or by using the state forms.