Reports - Trail and Recreation

Thank you for following this reports page for your trail condition and outdoor reports. The Price County Tourism Department will be closing at the end of 2018. The Park Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and the Phillips Area Chamber of Commerce will begin providing reports for the Price County region. View and bookmark the Park Falls report. The Phillips reports page is coming soon. 
Weather Report and Burning/Campfire Restrictions 

Visit for weather forecasts from News Watch 12 Rhinelander. 
Check on burning and campfire restrictions on the WI DNR website at

Ice Fishing & Hunting Guide Reports


12/10/18 -  Our area lakes are making some good ice. Many of our area lakes have a minimum of 7 inches. Anglers are driving ATVs and setting up permanent shacks on the ice. With the lack of heavy snow ice travel has been fairly easy. Walleye action has been good. Medium shiners on tip ups have iced some walleyes. Late afternoons have seen the most action. Northern pike action has also been good with some nice pike taken on suckers and tip ups in fairly shallow weedy areas. Most of this actions is coming at mid day. I am sure we will see at lot more activity toward this weekend as anglers will be setting up shacks and the weather remains consistent. Good Luck Fishing! Joe Brezinski, Northland Guide Service

Snowmobile Trail Report 12/12/18

There is minimal snow on the ground. The Flambeau Trail System and the Georgetown Trail are open to ATV and UTV riders. Early season snowmobile riders may find gates closed, trees down and open water at swamps. VOLUNTEER club members are working to open gates, pack swamps, and prepare trails for the upcoming season. Think snow!

Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe, Skijor & Fat Tire Bike Trail Report

Snowshoeing, fat biking and skijoring is allowed on some trail systems during cross-country ski season. However, trail managers ask that these trail users stay off of the classic tracked portions of trail. Thank you!  

Phillips School Forest Trail (skate & classic xc-ski, snowshoe,& fat tire bike) -  12/12/18 - Skate & Classic xc-ski - the system was rolled on 12-12-18. Some spots were a little sticky, but it appears skiable. “Rock skis “are recommended as there are some thin areas of snow.  12/12/18 - Snowshoe & Fat Bike Trail Singletrack -  What little snow we have has been rolled.  Conditions are great for biking!  Not enough snow to require snowshoes for running or hiking, although there has been some snowshoe traffic.

Wintergreen Trail - (skate & classic xc-ski, snowshoe, & fat tire bike) – 12/6/18 - We have about 3" of snow at Wintergreen, not quite enough to start packing but close.  I may start packing next week and checking wetlands to see how well they are freezing up.  Extended forecast isn't looking too promising, but that can change in a minute.

Palmquist Farm (skate & classic xc-ski, snowshoe, & skijor) -  12/10/18 - We packed down and froze the sleigh trail. Our horses, Pete and Pat, have been out running the summer rust off the skids. They are ready for our first sleigh rides next weekend. 12/4/18 - We have about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground right now but nothing groomed until Christmas.

ATV, UTV & Off-Road Motorcycle Trail Report 

  • Flambeau Trail System (70 miles) ~ OPEN May 1 through March 15 - Report date 12/6/18 -  OHV trails are open until spring break up, and everything should be pretty firm from the cold temps. There is very little snow on the ground. Trail dozing work is wrapped up due to frozen ground conditions. 

    Beavers are active and will be until their ponds freeze; when encountering a plugged culvert or water over the trail please contact Brady Howe at 715-762-5104 or

    Trail manager - Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest - 715-762-2461. 
  • Georgetown Trail (15.8 miles) ~ OPEN May 1 through March 14 -  Report date 12/5/18 - The Georgetown Trail is in good condition for ATV, UTV and Off-road Motorcycle riding. Trail manager - Price County Forestry & Parks Department  - 715-339-6371.
  • Pine Line / Price-Taylor Rail Trail/Prentice Area ~ CLOSED -  The Price County section of the trail allows ATV and UTV use December through March 31 when snowmobile trails are officially open. Click here to find Taylor County contact information for inquiries regarding their open and close dates or call 715-748-1486. 

  • Solberg Trail (9.5 miles) ~ CLOSED FOR REPAIR - Open May 1 through March 14 - The Solberg trail is completely closed due to bridge repair. The repairs should be completed for the May 1, 2019 spring opening. Trail manager - Price County Forestry & Parks Department  - 715-339-6371.  
  • Tuscobia  State Trail (64 miles) ~ PRICE COUNTY SECTION IS CLOSED FOR THE SEASON - Open April 16 through November 15 - Click for a trail report Trail manager - Natural Resources Property Supervisor - 715-669-4342.

  • Flambeau River State Forest Trail (38 miles) ~ CLOSED FOR THE SEASON -  Open May 15 through November 15. Trail manager - Flambeau River State Forest - 715-332-5271. 

DNR Conservation Wardens reminder to ATV and UTV riders: “Wear it, Wisconsin!”

MADISON - With more crashes involving all-terrain and utility-terrain vehicles this late summer state conservation wardens are urging all operators and riders to remember safety steps. Wisconsin has seen 16 fatal crashes involving all-terrain and utility-terrain vehicles this year.

Outdoor Report - 12/4/18 

Ice is forming on lakes across the state but state recreational safety wardens are reminding people that no ice is safe and that early season ice conditions vary greatly from waterbody to waterbody. There seems to be a good strong population of bobcat this year in the Flambeau River State Forest. Their prey: snowshoe hares, cottontail rabbits and rodents are also well populated. Bird feeder watchers are reporting many of the standard species now, like woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, and goldfinches, in addition to a few specialties such as pine siskins statewide, evening grosbeaks up north, and the occasional common redpoll. Spring is a long way off, but don’t forget the spring turkey and 2019 bear application is due by December 10.

Flambeau River State Forest - 12/11/18

December is the Little Spirit Moon with lakes freezing over and snow starting to accumulate. There is a light layer of ice on the lakes with light snow cover around us here at the Flambeau River State Forest. Tracks from rabbits, squirrels, weasels, deer and elk are just a few of the animals roaming the forest and it is amazing what you see and hear when you just watch and listen.  The deer and elk are feeding heavily to fatten up in preparation for the deep winter months.  Many are feeding in the active timber cuts on the forest. There are cow/calf groups with some of the young bulls.  The big bulls are forming bachelor groups. The grouse season is open until December 31, and some various deer hunting opportunities are still available, check your 2018 Deer Hunting Regulations. There are 7 active logging sales at this time on the Flambeau River State Forest.  Be aware of large logging trucks on the roads. Come and enjoy this beautiful river and the wilderness of the Forest.  If you have a plan to hunt or hike, we suggest you bring a compass, as some navigational devices will not have reception.

Statewide recreation plan ready for public review  MADISON - The public will have an opportunity to review and comment on the draft Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan. The plan provides guidance to public outdoor recreation policy and planning decisions and is used in allocating recreation-related grants administered by the Department of Natural Resources.

Deadline to apply for black bear permits and spring wild turkey harvest authorizations is Dec. 10  MADISON - Black bear and wild turkey hunters are reminded to submit their applications before midnight on Dec. 10.

Interested applicants for County Deer Advisory Council membership encouraged to apply by January 15  MADISON - The application period for vacant County Deer Advisory Council seats is open through Jan. 15, 2019.

Paddling/Flambeau River - 2018 Final Report 


The river will begin to open, become ice free, in April 2019. See you next spring! 

Robinson Landing, located on the North Fork of the Flambeau River just below the Turtle Dam, is closed for the 2018 season. The road is closed to the general public. Xcel Energy’s Dike 10 construction project will end at the end of November 2018, with additional road work scheduled for Spring 2019.  For more information regarding the closures contact DNR employee Brett Bockhop at 715-476-7846 or

For your safety always wear a personal flotation device (PFD). Check with an area rental/shuttle service for the most current conditions and to select a suitable stretch of river based on your experience. Resource manager - Flambeau River State Forest - 715-332-5271 or Park Falls DNR - 715-762-3204.      

The North Fork of the Flambeau River is controlled by dams and it generally remains near the ordinary high water mark throughout the summer. The South Fork of the Flambeau and other rivers in the area can become quite low at times during the summer months without consistent rain. When planning a paddling trip, check with an area rental/shuttle service for the most current conditions and to select a suitable stretch of river based on your experience.

Fall Color - FINAL 2018 REPORT

Price County's leaf color is past peak. Historically, peak color occurs during the first week of October.