Waterfowl Hunting

Although Price County is not the first place that you think of as a waterfowl hunting destination, its many lakes and rivers provide ample opportunity for duck and goose hunting.  Blue wing teal, wood ducks and mallards are the most common species found during the waterfowl season.  However, later in the season, ring-neck ducks and scaup tend to move into Price County waters.  Popular places to hunt are any waters containing wild rice, the Flambeau River, or perhaps you’re lucky enough to find a secluded beaver pond holding wood ducks staging to fly south.  Most waterfowl hunting occurs during the first couple weeks of the season, after that hunting pressure is drastically reduced.  Be sure to do your pre-season scouting. 

Visit Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource's website waterfowl hunting page for Wisconsin's waterfowl hunting seasons, regulations and information.