Deer Hunting

Wisconsin is recognized as one of the premier deer hunting states in the nation. For additional information regarding deer in Wisconsin, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s deer hunting page.

Tree Stand Rules
Tree stands may be used in our forests. There are different rules for national, state and county forest land. On the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest tree stands may be put up one week before the beginning of the season, but they must be taken down within a week of the end of the season. Stands may be left up overnight and it is not required to have your DNR Customer ID # on it.
Shot Deer
No damage can be done to the tree which means no screw in steps, etc. Ground blinds can also be left up overnight during the season. On the state owned land it is illegal to build or use a ground blind or any elevated device unless it does not damage the tree and is completely removed from the property each day at closing of hunting hours.

On the county owned land tree stands may be left up from the beginning of the first big game season through the end of the last big game season.

Additional Regulations
Other DNR regulations regarding cutting shooting lanes and the use of screw in steps also apply to the County Forest. To view the Price County Ordinance regarding Tree Stands, Elevated Devices and Ground Blinds on County Land, view the Forestry and Parks Department.