Pine Line / Price-Taylor Rail Trail

Trail Activities

  • Hikiing
  • Mountain biking
  • Horseback riding
  • Snowmobiling
  • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Utility-Terrain Vehicle (UTV) use - winter only; date and temperature restrictions apply

Trail Description

Location: Connects the Prentice area in Price County to the city of Medford in Taylor County.
Length: 28 miles
Trail Type: Point-to-Point
Skill Level: Easy
Aerobic Level: Easy to moderate
Season: Open April to November for hikiing, biking and horseback riding

Pineline trail a dirt road lined with very green trees
This trail was created from an abandoned railroad right of way. The surface is crushed gravel on the Price County portion (north end) and crushed granite on the Taylor County portion (south end). There are no significant hills on this route.


  • Open to ATVs early December through March 31 – Price and Taylor counties
  • Open to UTVs early December through March 31 – Price County only
  • Closed to ATVs and UTVs when the temperature is above 28 degrees
  • Off-road motorcycles are not allowed
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
The Pine Line Rail Trail is a 26-mile abandoned railroad grade open to ATVs and UTVs in the winter only when trails are declared officially open to snowmobiles and the temperature is below 28 degrees. When the temperature is below 28 degrees, ATVs and UTVs are also allowed on snowmobile trail 189 with access to Timm’s Hill, Wisconsin’s highest geographical point, and a few miles of town roads and county snowmobile trails in the Prentice area which allows access to lodging, gas and restaurants.

Trail Information

The Pine Line is a rail-trail in Price and Taylor counties, Wisconsin. It is named for the huge quantities of eastern white pine shipped on the route between 1876 and 1988 by the Wisconsin Central Railroad and because of the beautiful stands of pine which presently clothe the trail.

The actual rail trail is 26.2 miles long, starting on Morner Road in Price County and ending on Allman Street in Medford. Plans are underway to extend the trail into downtown Prentice and Medford. A temporary trailhead can be accessed via town and county roads at Buccaneer Park in Prentice (April 1-November 30 only).

The Price County portion (north end) is surfaced with crushed gravel and Taylor County portion (south end) is surfaced with crushed granite. The northern portion of the trail runs through the terminal moraine left by the Wisconsin glacier 12,000 years ago. Hardwood forests cover the hummocks and hills. Numerous cedar swamps and bogs boast interesting wetland vegetation. The southern half of the trail is typified by picturesque Wisconsin dairy farms. Wildlife is abundant. Numerous active beaver dams can be seen adjacent to the trail.


The trail is owned by Price and Taylor County and managed by the Price-Taylor Rail Trail Commission. There are no fees for trail use. The trail is supported by area snowmobile clubs and users. 


Parking for the trail is available at the Allman Street trail head in Medford, on municipal streets in Ogema, Westboro, and Chelsea, the Whittlesey parking lot, and at the Buccaneer Park trailhead in Prentice.

Food is available at Medford, Whittlesey, Westboro, Ogema and Prentice. Camping is featured at Pioneer Park & Campground in Ogema (horses are allowed), Medford City Park, Rib Lake Village Park, and the Mondeaux Flowage Campground (8 miles west of Westboro).

Grocery / Convenience Stores are found in Medford, Westboro, Ogema and Prentice.

Well Water is available during the summertime at Medford City Park, Chelsea Lake County Park (1/4 mile west of trail in Chelsea), Rib Lake Village Park, Pioneer Park in Ogema, and Buccaneer Park in Prentice.

Flush toilets/sinks are available at Pioneer Park & Campground in Ogema located one block off the trail through the last weekend in September and Medford City Park through mid-October, weather permitting.

Vault toilets are available at Chelsea Lake County Park 1/4 mile west of the trail in Chelsea.

Camping is available at Pioneer Park and Campground in Ogema (one block off the trail). Horses are allowed at the campground and a hitching post is provided.

Trail Ethics

  • Wear suitable clothing. Be ready for changing weather conditions.
  • Make sure equipment is in proper working condition.
  • Know your physical limitations and stay on the marked trails. Use caution at road crossings.
  • Inform someone of your plans, your destination, and your expected time of return.
  • Carry out and properly dispose of refuse.
  • Do not start fires.
  • Respect adjacent property to the trail. Do not disturb plants and animals.
  • Ride defensively. Travel on right side of the trail and signal when overtaking.
  • Report trail damage, vandalism and accidents to law enforcement authorities.

Additional Activities

Horseback Riding is allowed on the trail. Snowmobiling is also allowed in the winter after the trails are declared officially open.

Contact Information

Price County Tourism Department
126 Cherry Street, Room 9
Phillips, WI 54555

Taylor County Tourism
104 E. Perkins St.
P.O. Box 172
Medford, WI  54451