Veteran's Memorial Eagle

Veteran's Memorial Eagle is located on Highway 13 in Park Falls.

About the Memorial

In the spring of 1861 Old Abe, mascot and vanguard of Company C of the Wisconsin Infantry during the Civil War, was captured by a young Indian brave known as Chief Sky on the shores of the Flambeau River. Chief Sky kept the eagle for several weeks before selling it for a half bushel of corn.

In August 1861 the eagle was acquired by S. M. Jeffers who presented it to Company C of the 8th Wisconsin Infantry. The men of the company named him Old Abe for their Commander-in-Chief, President Lincoln. Old Abe was carried into 22 battles and 30 skirmishes, being wounded 3 times in the process. Old Abe is not a legend, he learned commands and led the men who loved him into battle.
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