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Wisconsin State Statute §59.72(3m), states that a Land Information Council shall consist of not less than eight members and shall consist of the:
1. Register of Deeds
2. Treasurer
3. Real Property Lister or their designees
and the following members appointed by the board of supervisors for terms prescribed by the Board of Supervisors:
4. A member of the Board;
5. A representative of the Price County Land Information Office;
6. A realtor or a member of the Realtors Association employed within the Price County;
7. A public safety or emergency communications representative employed within Price County;
8. The Price County Surveyor or a registered professional land surveyor employed within Price County; and,
Any other members of the Price County Board of Supervisors or public that the County Administrator designates.

The council receives funding through a “Users Fee” that is attached to each document that is recorded in the Register of Deeds office. Land modernization grants are applied for annually by the council to complete specific projects and support our effort to make our records available to the public.

The Land Information Council has established several major priorities. We will continue to establish land corner monuments, using Public Land Survey Systems (PLSS), throughout Price County. The goal would be to establish and document, for public availability, all quarter corners within Price County. Council funds are used to hire surveyors to establish specific ground control information. The Land Information Council oversees the Price County Geographic Information System (GIS) and its Web content. The council also uses its funds to purchase and support computer hardware and software pertaining to Price County land modernization.

Minimum Duties:
1. Remain trained by providing education where needed to stay current on most land modernization issues.
2. Facilitate coordination with other county offices as they pertain to land modernization.
3. Review and submit grant applications.
4. Coordinate project oversight of contractual projects.
5. Promote council’s program and projects through exposure.
6. Generate revenues through the sale of council’s data, grants and user fees.