Lottery & Gaming Credit ~ First Dollar Credit

Lottery Credits

Lottery credit provides direct property tax relief to qualifying taxpayers in the form of a credit on their property tax bills. The credit is subtracted from the 1st installment.

 If the lottery credit exceeds the 1st installment, the credit will continue to be applied until full credit is received.  Once you have applied for and received the Lottery & Gaming Credit, you do not need to file another application until your primary residence changes.

Who Qualifies

You may claim lottery credit if:

  •  on January 1 you are owner of the property and the property is your primary residence. You can have only one primary residence.
  • Rental or other properties do not qualify for the lottery claim. 
  • A non-Wisconsin resident cannot claim this credit.
  •  All lottery credit claims are audited by the State of Wisconsin. If the property does not qualify, the state will  contact you to pay the credit plus interest and penalties back to them. If not paid back to DOR, will be placed on the next year tax bill as a special charge.

By definition, your primary residence is where you live most of the time. When you are temporarily away, it is the home to which you intend to return. You can have only one primary residence and you may only claim one credit. Property address and mailing address should match. State audit compares address on driver's license and voter registration to verify primary residence.

How To Apply

If you meet the requirements listed above you may contact the Price County Treasurer's Office or your Local Treasurer for the claim form or click on the link below to print your own form.

Lottery Credit Application

Lottery Credit Claim Form

The completed form must be submitted to the Price County Treasurer by November 15th or  submit with your property tax payment in January to the town, city, village treasurer. The municipal treasurer will subtract the amount of the Lottery Credit from the tax amount due.

Late Claims

 Late claims must be filed with Wisconsin Department of Revenue by October 1       

The Dept. of Revenue requires a copy of the original tax bill to be submitted with the Late Claim application.  The DOR then mails a check for the amount of the credit.

 Late Claim Form 

available after February 5th through Oct 1st


Lottery & First Dollar Credit Amounts

Price County 2021 Lottery Credit

  • School District of Butternut: $275.28
  • School District of Flambeau: $242.87
  • School District of Chequamegon: $232.23
  • School District of Phillips: $208.28
  • School District of Prentice: $253.35
  • School District of Rib Lake: $206.93
  • Maximum Credit Value based on: $26,600

Price County 2021 First Dollar Credit

All improved real estate parcels automatically receive this credit. Maximum credit value based on $7,500   

  • School District of Butternut: $ 77.62
  • School District of Flambeau: $ 68.48
  • School District of Chequamegon: $ 65.48
  • School District of Phillips: $58.72
  • School District of Prentice: $ 71.43
  • School District of Rib Lake: $58.34