Assessments & Municipal Zoning

Real Estate Assessed Values
Assessment values are placed on property by the municipal assessor based on how the property stands January 1 each year. After the assessor places a value on the property, they are required to notify the taxpayer of the value placed on the property and the time and place of the Board of Review for the municipality. If the taxpayer does not agree with the assessment placed on the property, an appointment should be made with the clerk of the municipality where your property is located to be put on the agenda for Board of Review. If you have any questions about assessments, you need to contact your local municipal assessor.  Guide for Property Owners explains property tax, assessment & appeals process.
Information on Assessment Appeals can be found online or copies may be purchased by contacting the Wisconsin Department of Revenue - Bureau of Assessment Practices. If you are not happy with your property assessment please contact your assessor. The assessor is the only one who can combine parcels, and change values of property. Each township hires their own assessor.

Withdrawn Townships ~ Municipal Zoning
The following townships have withdrawn from Price County Zoning. Please contact the following townships to answer your zoning questions, if the township is not listed below contact Price County Zoning at 715-339-3272 with zoning questions.
  • City of Park Falls: City Hall - Phil Bochler
    Ph: 715-762-2436
  • City of Phillips: City Hall - Barb Revak
    Ph: 715-339-3125
  • Town of Catawba: Zoning - Mary Macholl
    Ph: 715-474-2372
  • Town of Georgetown: Zoning - LaBarre Schreck
    Ph: 715-474-6725
  • Town of Hill: Zoning - Joe Wojcik
    Ph: 715-767-5338
  • Town of Kennan: Zoning - Monica Kenealy
    Ph: 715-585-6628
  • Town of Ogema: Zoning - Ronald Ploof, Jr.
    Ph: 715-767-5249
  • Town of Worcester: Zoning - Terry Michek
    Ph: 715-339-3144
  • Village of Catawba: Zoning - Jack Hoogland
    Ph: 715-567-0661
  • Village of Kennan: Zoning - Kristin Brand
    Ph: 715-474-7887
  • Village of Prentice: Zoning - Jim Esterholm Sr.
    Ph: 715-428-2553