Senior Services

  1. ADRC Resource Directory

    Read the Aging Resource Directory online.

  2. Alzheimer's Support

    Support for individuals with Alzheimer's and other dementia and their families and friends is important to the well-being of Price County.

  3. Benefit Specialist

    View individual assistance for federal and state benefit programs.

  4. Elder Abuse

    The purpose of this service is to aid those who suffer from physical, mental, financial, or self-abuse / neglect.

  5. Emergency Management

  6. Family Caregivers

    See the needs and signs of burnout for family caregivers.

  7. Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

    Keep in touch with the current programs offered on health promotion.

  8. Nutrition

    Meals for elderly and disabled are important for proper nutrition.

  9. Transportation

    There are numerous transportation services available in Price County for senior citizens.

  10. Wisconsin Emergency Government

Please contact us for any questions that you have. If you need an interpreter or special accommodations, please contact the agency so arrangements can be made in advance.